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    General/Pre-Sales Inquiries


    > Shipment Calculate Method

    Click SHIPPING CALCULATOR  at main website to view the International shipping fee list 
    (select country, select area, click calculate, click "calculation basis" to view the addtional kg fee charge)

    Important Notice: 

    Air freight parcel unilateral length more than 120cm or actual weight/ volumetric weight exceed 30KG will be subject to a charge RMB 150/parcel, PS: Unilateral length over 300cm or actual weight/ volumetric weight exceed 50KG cannot be transported.

    Sea freight parcel unilateral length over 300cm will be subject to a charge RMB 150/parcel; For a single parcel exceed 70KG, an additional RMB100/shipment forklift fee will be charged.

    ** When physical dimensions (width X length X height) in cm / 6000 exceeds your goods weight, volumetric weight will be used to calculate Air Freight Charges
    Special items = Liquid ( eg. perfume/ skincare) / Cosmetics/ Branded products / Counterfeit product/ Electronics item (eg. computer device, electrical equipment)/ Cutter item/ Knife tool/ Battery subtance/ Magnet subtance/ Medicine subtance/ Powder substance/ Candle/ CD/ DVD/ Sex Item/ Light Food/  Fragrance essence (eg. Soap)/ Radio Signal Transmiting Device

    ** more details about shipping please refer: Delivery Terms & Methods
    ** Air Freight is PER KG charges (rounded up)

    Example:1.1kg,1.6kg, 1.8kg =charge 2kg

    Volumetric Weight

    The cost of transporting a shipment can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies, rather than the actual weight. This is the volumetric (or dimensional) weight. 
    For international shipping practice, the volumetric weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the item – the higher weight is used to calculate shipping cost. The formula to calculate volumetric weight is:
    Ship out from China air freight orders: volumetric weight (kg) = length x height x width (cm)/ 6,000 

    Please note that normally the weight indicated on seller's webpage is the actual weight. You need to pay special attention to the dimensions of bulky items like soft or plastic toys, diapers, pillows, chairs, crystal lights, bicycles, etc. Sometimes the shipping cost can be even higher than the value of the product itself. It is advised to check the dimension with sellers directly or seek for our help.

    ~Air Shipping Volumetric Calculations~

    Example 1:

    Parcel Actual Weight:1 kg

    Parcel Actual Measurement:45cm*20cm*30cm 

    Calculation =length*width*height/6000 or actual weight    whichever is higher


    = 4.5kg    5kg for shipping charge

    Calculation=(length*width*height/6000)+actual weight dividend by 2

    <(45*20*30)/6000>+1/2=2.75kg   3kg for shipping charge 

    Volumetric Weight below 20kg no volumetric charge               

    = 1kg for shipping charge 

    Example 2:

    Parcel actual weight:10 kg

    Parcel actual measurement:45cm*20cm*30cm

    Calculation =(45*20*30)/6000

    = 4.5kg   10kg for shipping charge


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