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Neonatal Separated Urine Leak Breathable Washable Diapers Pocket

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Neonatal Separated Urine Leak Breathable Washable Diapers Pocket

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1. The use of cloth diapers diapers to match, remember remember, which should put a diaper or diaper, or so one twists, pulls a baby, it must flow out, non-absorbent diaper itself.
2. Use the right size, absorbent diapers oh. Not large enough to make both sides of the pants free diapers, baby Ceshui might pour cause side leakage.
3. Adjust to fit the baby's size, too large and does not fit the open, it may cause side leakage.
4. A long time ago, my grandmother used to wear their old clothes autumn baby pants stuffed directly, they can still make treasure them sleep through the night, we now have this artifact, lets sit safely wear diapers Po body, the outer layer is waterproof, even if the whole diaper full of water absorption, it will not leak, new mothers who want to refuel oh.
1. This diaper pants for 6--26 pounds of baby, if the baby is too fat, fairly thick legs, then men and treasure about 18 pounds, about 20 pounds Nubao can not wear,
2. This section shall velvet pants diapers can absorb some of the water, so to speak, to give you a towel, give you a glass of water, if you just pour a third of the towel can absorb possible, but if you put water all down on a towel, it can not suck the water will certainly overflow, and this is also the reason diaper pants, it can only absorb part of the water, mainly through diapers or diapers to leak, and the diaper or that is clean and sanitary diaper, moms with ease.
3. The product is a three-tier design structure, the outer layer (face cloth) within the table has a high composite tensile elasticity, softness, and can be repeatedly washed without deformation does not damage, with waterproof breathable feature film, to prevent the baby's urine leakage. Diaper general selection PVC (not a pull on elastic bad, airtight), use environmentally-friendly materials TPU breathable waterproof coating film to do, greatly improve the softness and breathability. Suitable for year round use, is essential newborn products.
4. Once the baby pants of urine, they should be replaced Baoma yo, because once the baby urine to the diaper or diaper, dry breathable diapers or diapers or can, but once wet, the permeability backward a lot, you have to frequently changes Baoma yo, this baby will be comfortable, and the baby is not easy ass red ass yo.
5. Members Baoma their diaper pants must wrap yo, this is not easy side leakage, even if the lack of experience to learn yo, wet diaper bag that is also easy to bad side leakage.
6. Each essential baby diapers leak, suggested that the mother to buy six, easy to wash your baby long-term use. With diapers with cotton diapers to use, can effectively prevent the baby red PP, baby comfortable both have money ~

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