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Korean Running Man Foot Massage Cushion-Relieve Fatigue, Improve Sleep Quality, Promote Blood Circulation, and Enhance Physical Fi

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Korean Running Man Foot Massage Cushion-Relieve Fatigue, Improve Sleep Quality, Promote Blood Circulation, and Enhance Physical Fi

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Reflexology physiological principle:
  Reflexology , is in accordance with the principle of stimulating acupuncture points , do the treatment. Proofreading massage, based on the principle of stimulation , massage diseased organs or glands reflex zones , to restore the original function , to achieve therapeutic effect, maintaining a healthy natural health law .
Reflexology major role :
1 . Promote blood circulation , increase metabolism, improve sleep and neurasthenia .
2 . Regular use , and strengthen the digestive system function, can prevent constipation .
3 . Promote coordination with the normal function of the organ system organ parts between .
4 . Enhance endocrine balance , easing tensions in the system .
5 excrete toxins debris , maintain health .
6 . Clear the obstacles of human energy cycle pipeline .
7 . Stimulating cells to produce life force to prevent aging.
8 . Restoration of degraded organ function , prevention of illness .
9 . Promote blood running legs to prevent gout .
Product Features :
  With the improvement of technology development and human life, and now people invented self foot massage pad , you can not go bathing shop , do not go cobbled road, at home, to exercise regularly, to foot massage . This is caused by PP, copolymer polypropylene material for foot massage feet stampede reached a point function mat .
1 using PP special plastic, with high hardness wear, etc. .
2 easy to use from the site constraints , indoor and outdoor use , can be placed in the living room , bedroom, balcony, bathroom , gym and other places.
3 foot reflex zone massage to stimulate , promote metabolism , clear the meridians, blood , internal organs function to adjust and enhance blood circulation.
Suitable for:
1 Children:
   Growth and development of children in need to enhance physical activity to promote bone growth.
2 in the elderly :
   Higher in the elderly due to age, relatively easier to suffer from various acute and chronic diseases. This product is due to have a stronger role in improving the circulation of the second heart of human foot ; nerve endings are also good for stimulation and massage. Common in the elderly , such as : neurosis, kidney disease, renal dysfunction , constipation, menopausal syndrome, menstrual irregularities , hypertension , arrhythmia , cardiovascular disease , heart disease, arteriosclerosis ' cerebral infarction, asthma , emphysema , high cholesterol, bronchitis, cervical disease , stomach and duodenal diseases have a good adjuvant therapy.
3 often sat working or studying :
   Person or persons for office work sitting in school long , long sitting in a factory manufacturing operations personnel , taxi drivers and students , due to the long monotonous work or learning attitude and too little activity will be more prone to mental outlook tension, forgetfulness , neurasthenia , lethargy, gastrointestinal problems , obesity , allergies, loss of appetite , eczema , dermatitis , decreased immunity and so on. By use of the above products can be eliminated or reduced conditions . Long-term use can achieve better health results.

Contentment massage cushion can be used in the living room, the bedroom or the like fresh air in the park.
The massage mat spread on the ground, people strolling barefoot on it.
Walking 15-20 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day.
Drink a glass of warm water before using massage better, it is a good blood running, the body wastes away.
At the beginning of the use of foot pain feeling is a normal phenomenon, which is able to play reflect the effect of foot massage. You may wear socks or appropriate to shorten the time to reduce the pain, to be adapted to be barefoot use, self-adjusting time.
Stick, perseverance, contentment massage cushion the effect will be more evident.


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