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Affiliates & Referrer Programme FAQ

How much does it cost to join?
Membership is completely free! We won’t charge you anything during our partnership.

How do I qualify to be a www.theonemall.com  affiliate?
Anyone with something to promote and the means can join our affiliate program. However, we do not allow the promotion of the following subject matter: 
.  Sexually explicit material 
.  Violence 
.  Discrimination of any kind 
.  Illegal activities

How can I promote  www.theonemall.com  as an affiliate?
We provide all promotional materials, i.e. banners, textual links, data feeds, etc. 
For example, if one of your site visitors clicks on a www.theonemall.com affiliate link and ends up buying a product from our website, you'll earn commission on the purchased products.

How much commission can i earn from referer?
3%  commissions are paid based on the amount of the  purchase.

How long can i earn from referer?
there are no limited time, you can earn from referer forever. 

When can i get my commission?
20 days after the order shipped, commission will credit to your balance.

How much is the minimum amount withdraw from my balance?
Minimum withdraw amount is RM200 and above (not include top up balance). 

Can dropsipper join affiliate/referer program?
Yes, but who was introduced into referer program can't join.

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